How to Deal With Your Child Throwing Food

on| How to Deal With Your Child Throwing Food

Unless you’re exceptionally lucky, your toddler is inevitably going to play with their food. That often includes picking it up, dumping it over their heads, or throwing it on the floor. It’s an irritating habit that any parent would like to avoid, but this might be one of those scenarios where your best bet is to do nothing at all. I’ll explain why in this week’s video.

Are you concerned about your young child’s eating habits? Dreading the inevitable battle at mealtimes? Tired of negotiating with your child to get them to eat healthy, nutritious foods? The Food Sense Program has quick, easy steps that you can take starting right now to fix your child’s eating habits and help them develop a healthy relationship with food that will last a lifetime!

Want PROOF that my fast and simple suggestions really work? I thought you might… so I’ve put together a FREE resource for you! Not only will you get a sneak peak at how my methods work, you’ll also get a step-by-step plan for dealing with one of the most common food challenges parents face!

Because on this site, you’ll find answers to some of your biggest headaches, including how to:

  • Eliminate food battles with your toddler — almost instantly.
  • Stop ‘mealtime negotiations’ at the table, like “If you eat 3 more bites, you can have ice cream…”
  • End your child’s constant begging for treats and snacks in between meals.


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