7 Myths About Tonsillectomy [Podcast 76]


doctorstevenpark.com| 7 Myths About Tonsillectomy [Podcast 76]

In this episode, Kathy and I have a revealing discussion about the 7 most common myths that I encounter about surgery for the tonsils:

  1. Don’t take out tonsils because they are part of the immune system and help fight infections 
  2. Tonsils can grow back after tonsillectomy 
  3. Tonsils shrink as you get older or you can outgrow them
  4. Surgery can lead to bleeding
  5. Anesthesia can be harmful in children
  6. You need to find the best surgeon 
  7. Small tonsils don’t need to be removed.

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Show Notes 

George Catlin: Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life

Sleep apnea lowers your immune system response study

Tonsillectomy does not alter your immune system response study

Rate of tonsil regrowth after tonsillectomy 

Rates of bleeding after tonsillectomy

CHAT study

Patterns of Upper Airway Obstruction on Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy in Patients with Sleep-Disordered Breathing with AHI<5 

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